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Richardson Jewellers was established in second of March 1894

James Bremner Watch Maker and Jeweller begs to notify that he has removed to his new premises in Clyde St (opposite the Post Office)

He had apparently been working in rented premises and wished to own shop. The site was an open section and he had built a reasonable sized shop which he divided and made into three shops with the frontage looking starting down John Street. The middle of the three he kept for his own use, either renting or selling those on either side. These shops became known as Bremner’s Buildings, and are now known on the borough plan as number 62, 64 and 66 Clyde Street.

Balclutha Bridge
Balclutha Otago
Old Clyde Street, Balclutha

In 1898 Geo H. Reid bought out Bremner and had his son Arthur as his assistant.Arthur was one of the first Scouts masters in Balclutha and was a good photographer, he left us three good photographs of Scouts in 1911 and 1916.

In 1919 Reid sold the business to A.L. Shepard who carried on until 1952, when he sold to Leslie B. Crews, who traded as L.B. Crews Ltd.

In 1956 Les Crews was joined as a partner by Charlie Richardson and the business then became know as Crews and Richardson Ltd until 1959, when Crews sold his share to Chalie. In 1964, after 70 years of use, Charlie had the old shop demolished and a new up-to-date shop built in its place. This shop has about five times the display area of the old place, is well-heated and lighted, new display cabinets, good appointments, good carpet on the floor and a burglar alarm installed – a great transformation. Charlie’s son John joined his father as a partner in 1970 until 1977 when he settled down as a farmer in Katea valley near Owaka. Charlie carried on until 1978 when he sold to Peter Brown, having been in business for 21 years.

In 1999 Peter Brown sold to Mrs Janice Munro, who is carried on the old tradition of good service which has prevailed for 105 years. Peter had the assistance of his wife Joan and his daughter Susan, who were of inestimable assistance.

After 22 years in business, Mrs Janice Munro in 2021 sold the shop to Mrs Victoria Gershkovich.

The earliest occupier of Number 66, the first tenant is not known, but it has been established that Mr C. E. Naish, a seedsman and a nurseryman was an owner for many years. After Naish, Saltzman, then Martin Justice, another Gents outfitter, to be followed by John Budge, in the same business. Next was Peggydale for a short period, and it is currently occupied by Changes.

Number 62, now owned by Cliff Gray, is a Pharmacy. The earliest tenant was Benjamin O’Connor who started there in 1900. The centenary of this shop was celebrated in the year 2000. After O’Connor, Mr H. G. Smith took over, followed by David M. Henderson, then Bill McAllister and today Cliff Gray is the pharmacist.

Clyde Street, Balclutha

The shop, though its reach history of 127 years, has been variously known as Bremner’s, Reid & Son, A. L. Shepards, L. B. Crews Ltd, Crews and Richardson Jewellers, Richardson Jewellers.

The following is a list of tenants of the shop

  • James Bremer               1894 – 1898    4 years
  • Geo Reid & Son            1898 – 1919    21 years
  • A.L. Shepard                 1919 – 1952    33 years
  • L. B. Crews                    1952 – 1959    7 years
  • Chas G. Richardson     1956 – 1978    22 years
  • John Richardson           1970 – 1977   7 years
  • Peter Brown                  1978 – 1999   21 years
  • Mrs Janice Munro         1999 – 2021   22 years

Created by Alison Richardson, May 1999

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